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Competition/Public Space


The rejuvenation of an existing public space through the introduction of socially sustainable strategies and stakeholder involvement.

Master Planning/Landscape


Rather than considering elevated ground water as a “problem” , the water was converted into a structuring element for the new landscape.

Competition/Master Planning/Public Space


The reformulation of the “edge”- definition and “porosity” of the site.

Competition/Public Space


The project focused on giving the car dominated streets of Brussels back to its People.

Urban Planning/Housing


The creation of a pilot project in terms of ecological sustainability and people friendly city.

Urban Planning


The development of strategies to safeguard local heritage, culture and economy.

Master Planning/Housing


The creation of a socially and economically resilient neighbourhood.



The incorporation of the human scale amidst the existing vehicular infrastructure.

Master Planning/Landscape/Public Space

2004 – 2007

Turning the “backwaters” of the city into a socially, culturally and economically productive landscape altering both the surrounding neighbourhoods and the city at large.

Master Planning/Landscape/Public Space

2004 – 2007

The designerly “negotiation”  of existing mega highway infrastructure with local formal and informal activities, stakeholders and natural terrain.

Urban Planning


A new approach – Structural Planning of the important sectors versus detailed land use planning of the city.

Master Planning


The creation of a harmonious place for all communities inhabiting Karachi.

Urban Planning/Landscape/Public Space


An Urban design investigation into the edge definition of a medium-sized city.