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Urbanism/Heritage/Public Space
The research aspires to highlight the value of Saddar Bazaar as a popular public area of Karachi especially for the poor.

Urbanism/Public Space

A research on a socially , politically complex, multimodal transport hub in Schaerbeek, Brussels to explore the potentials of the omni present formal-informal interfaces in the area.

Urbanism/Public Space

2013 – 2021
Karachi From A Distance – A New Perspective organized at the Faculty of Architecture, Campus Brussels by Ar. Asiya Sadiq Polack, is foreseen to extract the knowledge produced over the 07 cycles of the Karachi studio and draws out the intricacies, complexities, and contextual realities of designing and executing in fast transforming contexts like Karachi.

Urbanism/Heritage/Public Space

A research project in collaboration with eminent architect Arif Hasan, Urban Resource Centre Karachi and ACHR (Thailand). Investigations were made into the informal economy proponents – Hawkers of Saddar Bazaar and how they can be integrated into a pedestrian friendly rejuvenation of the area.