Sadiq & Polack


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TYPE: Urban Conservation/ Informal Economy Rehabilitation
LOCATION: Karachi, Pakistan
YEAR: 2008
ARCHITECTS: Architect Arif Hasan, Ar. Asiya Sadiq, Christophe Polack
COLLABORATORS: (URC)Urban Resource Centre
CLIENT: ACHR (Thailand)
STATUS: Design Study Realized

The project started as a request by the local government to embellish one street in Saddar and Later as a Research for ACHR (Thailand) / Urban Resource Centre on Informal Economy. This research was conducted and documented for 5 years under the supervision of Architect Arif Hasan. While Documenting the Hawkers – It Became an Anthropological- Intangible Heritage Study as the Saddar bazaar was itself a Tangible Heritage but Hawkers Emerged as Intangible Cultural Heritage, and it was important to save and preserve both assets of Saddar Bazar. During the study, a Link Established between Hawkers- Mass Transit and Environmental Degradation gave the foundation for a Promotion of a Comprehensive Area Revitalization Plan. 

The Research was published as a book in 2008 by the title: “The Hawkers of Saddar Bazaar, A plan for the revitalization of Saddar Bazaar Karachi through Traffic Rerouting and the Rehabilitation of the Hawkers”, Along with many articles on this subject. Students of NED – Department of Arch., FA. KULeuven, Field Workers of the Urban Resource Centre were also Engaged in Research and Design Exploration. The research work throughout was an inclusive practice as many working bodies were involved and led this research to its execution as a published book.