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TYPE: Regional Planning
LOCATION: Peshawar, Pakistan
YEAR: 2002
SIZE: Not Applicable
ARCHITECTS: Ar.Christophe Polack as Chief Planner for ECIL Pvt. Ltd
CLIENT: Government of Pakistan
STATUS: Design Study Realized

The traditional idea of controlling land development through the imposition of a detailed land-use plan has been redefined in light of the specific situation of Peshawar.

Most of the land in Peshawar is privately owned. In its land development process, there are mostly two sectors involved: the formal private sector, which operates via large and small-scale entrepreneurial developers, and the informal private sector, which operates via low-income housing producers.

Hence, any Government trying to impose strict regulations to achieve certain predefined objectives is doomed to encounter a lot of resistance and will be detrimental for any planning or urban design exercise, especially if the existing and future local market forces have not been analyzed well enough.

Acknowledging the fact that the Ring Road of Peshawar has the potential of high commercial value, the development strategy has been based on the approach of adopting and targeting selected junctions on the Ring road for a specified type of development, and leaves other areas to develop as the market determines.