Sadiq & Polack


1931 - 1934
TYPE: Residential/ Mixed Use
LOCATION: Brussels, Belgium
YEAR: 1931 – 1934
SIZE: 2,500 m2 (27,000 sq ft)
ARCHITECTS: Les Architectes Polak
CLIENT: Baron Louis Empain
STATUS: Completed

The Villa Empain is a private house in the Art Deco style in Brussels, Belgium was built in 1930–1934 by Swiss architect Michel Polak. Baron Louis Empain, son of the Belgian industrialist Édouard Empain, commissioned it. Since its restoration in 2009–2011, it has been open to the public.

The Villa Empain is organized around a large enclosed courtyard. It was designed in the Art Deco style, and the project aroused significant interest in Belgium where prestigious houses in the style were comparatively rare. Various expensive stone facings were used from around the world.