Sadiq & Polack


2019 - Ongoing
TYPE: Adaptive Reuse
LOCATION: Zaventem, Belgium
YEAR: 2019 – Ongoing
SIZE: 654 m²
ARCHITECTS: The Architects Polack
COLLABORATORS: Multis – BVBA, Egeon – BVBA, Pieter Slock – GCV, Studiebureau ESK – BVBA
CLIENT:  Storage Lxl
STATUS: In Progress

The storage space designed for a sculpture artist is a seemingly simple design but was a result of a very thorough study. Green architecture has also been introduced in the design. The project required quite a several different consultants which caused discoordination which was resolved with the help of a workshop proposed by the firm. The highlight of this minimalist design is a skylight on top of the stairs placed strategically in the middle of the space.