Sadiq & Polack


TYPE: Educational
LOCATION: Karachi, Pakistan
YEAR: 2003
SIZE: 2000 m2
ARCHITECTS: Ar. Asiya Sadiq Polack
Directorate of Planning and Development – NEDUET Services Department – NED-UET
CLIENT: NED University
STATUS: Completed

Located among the scattering traditional campus setting lays this educational oasis called The English Building which addresses the academic need as well as the creative unfolding of the given design brief.

The library is materialized in a striking red Terracotta juxtaposed with the plain façade of the surrounding modular buildings. Upon reaching one is greeted with a warm entrance foyer designed behind the concept of an open book. Playing with shade & shadows the building adorns pivoted windows that allow daylight & air to enter the heart of the facility.

It is due to the attention to detail in the design that the growing popularity of this multi-layered building left a mark behind as a design that turned out to be creative within a low budget.