Sadiq & Polack


TYPE: Landscape Architecture
LOCATION: Khairpur, Pakistan
YEAR: 2009
SIZE: 1.5 Ha
ARCHITECTS: The Architects Polack
CLIENT: Govt. of Sindh (Indirectly)
STATUS: Design Study Realized

The Kot Digi Public Park serving as an oasis for the region, located at the base of the fort and offering different perspectives and views to the fort came as a new public Park Project from the Govt. Officials to enhance the Architectural Heritage by bringing public within the premises of Kot Digi to value its importance and promote tourism, but due to some reasons It was partially executed and Design was completed as a Proposal.

Design Concept was pure to square pattern Landscape with welcoming spaces for all age of people i.e. Palm Garden, Children play area, pavilions, lawn, café and natural elements incorporated like water channels going along the edge of the whole park giving a continuity in the pathway along the jogging track for running and palm trees giving a cool and refreshing effect to the whole park in the midst of a dry and hot hilly area of Kot Digi.